Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Reading ULYSSES and the scent of pig poo

Yup, that's pig shit you see. This is the (presently dry) irrigation ditch right by our bedroom and my writing den. There's nothing like reading ULYSSES with the scent of pig poo wafting in the air.

Our Balinese neighbors have taken to raising pigs. The porklings' alimentary product is hosed into the ditch. This is illegal, of course, but legality is a nebulous concept in Indonesia. The way one handles such a situation here is to pay a polite visit and say things like, "I love Balinese roast pig, so delicious. I honor the people who raise pigs. Of course, raising pigs has its drawbacks, such as the smell, but there are ways to solve a good deal of that problem, such as using a good septic system."

I've paid that visit and our neighbors assure us this is pig-raising effort is only temporary, to provide roast pig for the upcoming Balinese holidays.


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