Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What did the wise man say to the wiser man?

There once was a wise man and a wiser man. The wise man thought to himself, "The wiser man has not read ULYSSES. Therefore, I will read ULYSSES and become wiser than the wiser man."

A month later he he comes to the wiser man and holds his head to groan, "Oh wiser man, now I know why you are wiser."

But good news for me: I'm out of the Dedalus Shakespeare theory chapter (wherein I believe Dedalus argues that Shakespeare's major plays are really about himself and his family, but I'm not sure of that), and into the Chapter of The Very Reverend John Conmee saluting others and being saluted.



Blogger Teacher said...

I'm a female but James Joyce's Ulysses sounds so interesting. I think I'll go pick up a copy. If it's going to make a wise man wiser, maybe a wise woman will have a little luck becoming wiser also. P.S. interesting site....

2:07 AM  

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