Thursday, July 28, 2005

A note for ULYSSES fans

I’m not reading ULYSSES to mock it. I’m serious about this, but on other hand, I have to be in some sense light-hearted about it as well, otherwise the temptation to toss aside the novel might be too much. If I sound snide or cynical, it's not intended.

I’m up to page 21, and I reckon reading this is like dining at an Indonesian rijstaffel. That’s a banquet of rice with dozens of accompanying dishes. You might not like all the dishes, in fact you might not understand some of the dishes, but there are many delicious dishes to enjoy.

As for expert commentary, there seems to be something on each page or two I don’t quite get, or don’t get at all. I really doubt any of you would have the time or patience to answer all my questions, some of them no doubt outright dumb or ignorant.

But I will have questions to ask later, when I’ve read much or most of the novel. For example, I am keeping in mind Segur’s comment to one of my posts that Buck Mulligan wants to Hellenize Ireland – I don’t know why this should be so, but I reckon maybe the answer will come as I read on. If it doesn’t, I’ll get back this point.


Blogger Segúr 95.20 said...

Great analogy with the rijstaffel, Richard! (Yum!) Please feel free to ask any questions that particularly interest you.

3:50 PM  

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