Thursday, July 28, 2005

Why this blog?

I’m not fooling myself into thinking that this blog is burning a comet’s trail aross the blogosphere. But here is why I am blogging my reading of ULYSSES instead of reading it the old-fashioned way, in private and in quiet:

1. Because for while I’ve wanted to write a blog just for the hell of it, to give me a break from my fiction writing. I was going to blog about fiction writing, but decided to warm up first on another.

2. Because I didn’t want to write the deadly boring “I did this and then I did that” sort of blog.

3. Because I did decide to bite the bullet and read ULYSSES.

4. Because, to be completely honest, I’d like whoever reads this blog to be tempted to click on the little icon over there and check out my novel. That's why this isn't anonymous. Of course, maybe you’ll shake your head and ask, What’s the industry coming to these days if an idiot like this guy can get published?


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