Monday, January 29, 2007

Broken vow pay back

He With the Glasses and Eyepatch is starting to pay me back for not fulfulling my vow to read ULYSSES in a year.

Publisher's Weekly just gave THE KILLING SEA an enema of a review.


Blogger everylifeismanydays said...

ha ha, I went to Ireland on a school program to study Joyce a few years ago and I spent a bunch of time trashing Joyce and doubting his achievements...

then all of a sudden I developed some sort of condition in my right eye that made it all red and hampered my vision while I was staying in Dublin. Joyce was not happy with me. the eye thing went away, mostly, I think, because I spit off of Yeats's tower (yes, I also had a thing against Yeats. why I went to Ireland, their home turf, I will never know) and Joyce had a slight animosity for Yeats.


and then I made the mistake of voluntarily choosing to write a 40-page paper on James Joyce and George Eliot in order to graduate. ha ha, I'm dumb. but I have read Ulysses cover-to-cover three times now, and have grown to love the damn thing.

so stick with it. my advice is: read a bare-bones plot synopsis of each chapter BEFORE you read the actual chapter itself. it also helps to be real familiar with the Odyssey. good luck, and happying reJoyceing.

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