Sunday, July 23, 2006


I'm starting to get this sense, as I plow on through the pages of ULYSSES, that thre's something else to this novel, that there's another, hidden message.

I'm even starting to have my doubts that James Joyce, or any mortal man, could have written this tome.

Consider the clues to be found in "ULYSSES James Joyce":



Very suggestive, these clues.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Synopsis of ULYSSES

Leopold Bloom: Blazes Boylan. He. My wife he. This very afternoon, he. My house, he. She. As I cruise around town. Must remember that soap. Kidneys taste of urine. Not a damn thing can I do about it. Yet her, my love still. You know.

Stephen Dedalus: My father is the meanest old man who ever lived, the meanest old man and oh my beloved mother died so tragic and oh curse the Church. Oh, hello, Leopold, how's it going and aren't I the most precious young man you ever did meet while strolling the streets of Dublin.

Molly Bloom: Yes, yes, oh yes.

(Note, I'm only on page 387 out of 783, so the above is adapted from a discussion in Jane Smiley's 13 WAYS OF LOOKING AT A NOVEL and wearing your eyeballs out if said novel happens to be ULYSSES)

The best time to read ULYSSES

Apart from when athwart the feckle throne and voiding alimentary products, that is.

When waiting for loooong Internet downloads to finish. Such as graphic novels. You know, easy to read stuff.